Monday, August 16, 2010

Governor Kate Pemberton

Phil and I are trying to get out and see this state we just moved to so this past week our family took a trip to Topeka, about 20 minutes away, to visit the Capitol Building. They were in the process of renovating the building and because of the construction we were able to visit all of the rooms including the Senate Chamber, the House of Representatives Chamber and the Governor's Office. Our favorite room was the Senate Chamber because it had marble everywhere as well as a beautiful dome ceiling. It was funny to see all of the different representatives show their school spirit. Different desks in the Chamber had cardboard stand-ups of the different schools throughout the area (KU, Wichita State, Kansas State). Kate has learned how to say not only "Jayhawk" but the Rock Chalk Chant that is famous around here so whenever she sees a Jayhawk she yells it out except she combines some words and ends up saying "Jaychalk." Kate loved the Governor's Office and even got to sit in his chair! Hopefully she didn't break anything... We are still loving Kansas as we get to look around at the surrounding cities and are excited to spend the next few years here.