Wednesday, May 27, 2009

10 months

Kate is now 10 months wow! (well 10 1/2 months now) and she is growing up so quick. She unfortunately got sick and was throwing up and everything. It was not a fun couple of days. She didn't get sick once til she was 7 months and now it seems she is sick all the time now. I guess that is what happens when you eat shoes and everything else on the floor when mom isn't watching. She can now stand up on her own for a long time and I think is starting to stop gaining weight. It is about time she slows down. She is so fun to be around. She loves being around other people and just cracks up when they are around. She has no signs of seperation anxiety yet which is good. This month while we were taking pictures next to her bear she didn't want cooperate and thought it was more fun to climb all over the chair rather than just sit there so sorry these ones aren't that good but she is always a cutie no matter what.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I found it!

So I found the cord to upload my photos! I actually found it a while ago, thanks to my friend Gloria who asked to stay at our house, which meant I actually had to clean the guest bedroom. While doing this I found it so in thanks, I owe it you Glo. So enjoy looking at all my insanely late pictures.

Monday, May 4, 2009

fun with the parents!

This past week, my dad had to work here in Vegas so my Mom tagged along for fun. My dad had to work until Thursday so Kate and I had fun with my mom for 2 days before we could meet up with my dad. My parents stayed at the Bellagio so on Thursday we went down there to hang out at the pool. My friend Rachel met us down there with her 2 kids and we had fun playing in the pool. Kate really liked it. It isn't really a family oriented pool but we still had a good time. I had to learn the hard way that swimming diapers are not effective at all. That night we met up with with my dad and Phil and went over to Caesars Palace and ate at a Bobby Flay restaurant called Mesa Grill. It was super yummy! After that we went to Serendipity. There is one that just opened right out front of Caesars Palace. It is just like the one in New York and we ordered frozen hot chocolate. It was a very fun day. The next day my parents were nice enough to stock Kate up with formula, diapers, wipes, clothes, baby food and snacks. It was a short trip but it was great to see them! Now I am excited to go home to Denver for a week on Thursday. 
frozen hot chocolate. so yummy!