Monday, October 3, 2011

what we've been up to

Yes, it has been forever since I have blogged. I just don't find it a priority but since Kate is growing up so fast, I really want to capture these memories to last forever, because we all know my memory is shot. So I'll try my best to remember what we have done for the past 10 months.

December- I celebrated my 23 birthday. I am getting old (ha!) We also had a fabulous Christmas in Denver with my family minus the fact that my entire family woke up with the flu Christmas morning. Kate had a blast playing in all the snow we got in Kansas. We actually got a lot of snow this winter which was a fun change from Vegas but I think I had my fix and would be just fine if it didn't snow this winter.

kate stuck in the snow

January- I can't really remember what happened this month. Phil started up school again. We are so proud of his hard work in law school. He is really enjoying it.

February- Phil turned 25!

kate decorated the cake!

March- school, school, more school

April- I went home to Denver with Kate while Phil studied and took his finals. While I was there my dad got released from being Bishop and it happened that all my siblings were in town that weekend too. What a tender mercy. We got to see my brother Jeff rock it in his school play while we were there. Kate really loved watching Jeff on stage. And Phil rocked his finals. We also had a fun time going to the Children's museum with Angie and Ethan while we were there.

at the children's muesum

May- Phil started taking classes again for the first half of the summer..

June- We had a great time going to a Royals game with our friends. It was really hot but we had a great time. Phil finished up his classes.
kate and her friend lily riding the carousel at the ballpark

July- July was a busy month for us. We moved to a new house. It is bigger and has the best backyard. We love it. 2 days later we moved to Denver for 7 weeks because Phil got an internship there for the second half of the summer. We lived with my parents. It was such a fun summer. More on that later. Kate turned 3 while we were there! How did that happen? Phil's family came to Denver that week so we celebrated Kate's birthday by going to a Rockies game and having a little birthday party in the parking lot before the game started.

old house
new house (ours is on the left)

August- We returned home from Denver and Phil started school up again. I also quit my job at jcpenney. It has made this semester so much easier and a lot less stressful.

September- Kate started preschool. She has the best teachers and really loves getting to interact with other kids. She has already learned to spell her name!

too bright mom!
that's better! (kind of)