Wednesday, December 31, 2008


So while we were home in Colorado for Christmas we went to a Nuggets game. My dad gets free tickets from work and the tickets came with $20 each to spend on food or merchandise. We went with my sister and brother, Lauren and Jeff. It was so much fun! Phil was most excited to go since he loves all Colorado sports teams and since there are no professional sport teams in Vegas we never get to go to anything like this anymore. Since we $80 worth of free money to blow through, we ordered so much food! We had wings, hamburgers, nachos, chicken tenders, cotton candy, ice cream sundaes, and tons of pop! The food was pretty disgusting, but hey, it was free. We spent $78.50. If only there was something else we could have spent the rest on. The game was really exciting and we came out ahead in the last 9 seconds. Of course, my favorite player J.R. Smith was the player of the game! Go Nuggets!

Phil eating his beloved cotton candy

Me and my sister Lauren having fun!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


We had such a great Christmas this year! We went home to Colorado to spend Christmas with Whitney's family, The Wray's. We are so bummed that Phil's family doesn't live in Colorado anymore so we don't get to see both of our families when we go home, but we still had a great time. On the way there we stopped at Whitney's parents condo in Keystone to just hang out and relax for a few days. Then on Tuesday we went down the her parents to have a yummy Christmas dinner. The next day was Christmas eve and it is tradition to go see a movie. We got stuck having to see 'The day the earth stood still' (i recommend doing everything you can go avoid seeing the movie) but it was still fun to continue that tradition. That night we opened our Christmas pajamas, played Christmas games, and read 'The night before Christmas.' The next morning we woke up to a room full of presents and had a time seeing what each other got and spending the whole day in our pjs. It was so fun to watch Kate try to open up all her presents. It was such a fun Christmas and was so great getting to spend it with Whitney's family.
Kate trying to open her first gift with Grandpa
The after

Kate had Santa's face on the feet of her pjs and kept trying to eat them. It was so funny
our cute baby!

the before


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

5 months old

So I finally gave in and made a blog. I had never made one before because to me our lives are pretty boring and there is nothing to write about but I guess there has to be something I can say. So here we go...Yesterday Kate turned 5 months old. That is so crazy to me. It hasn't seemed that long at all. And although as much as a struggle with being a mom and if this is what I really want right to be doing with my life right now, I love her death. She is so fun and does the cutest things. I wouldn't change one thing about her. And it couldn't have been a better day to celebrate because it snowed here like crazy. Not just a little bit of snow but like a blizzard. It was the perfect christmas gift. So everytime Kate turns 1 month older, I take a picture of her next to the bear Phil made for her at Build-a-Bear to compare her size. So here is what I have taken so far and this months photo shoot was really fun because she wouldn't stop laughing
Kate at 1 month
2 months

3 months

4 months

                               5 months