Wednesday, April 21, 2010

feel better kate

Kate woke up Saturday morning with a really bad cough and by monday it wasn't better so I (very unwillingly) took Kate to the doctor. I dread taking Kate to the doctor for my own selfish reasons. It always takes FOREVER and Kate seriously can't sit still for 30 seconds so chasing around my crazy child in a doctors office for 2 hours is a form of torture in my eyes but she really needed to go. So I forced myself in the car and to my surprise from the second we walked into the doctors office, Kate laid on my chest and never left for 2 hours. I know Kate was miserable because for her to do that means she is very sick but I was in heaven. I cherish anytime Kate will lay and cuddle with me for 2 hours straight was a dream come true, I just felt so bad though because she was really sick. So we get in to the see the doctor and she listens to Kate's chest and says she is wheezing way to much so Kate had to get chest x-rays. I was shocked! I was definitely glad I decided to go to the doctor. It was nearly impossible for us to take the x-rays because Kate was freaking out. I felt soo bad. She was crying so hard and I just wanted to pick her up and calm her down. They had to strap in her into this device that put her hands over her head so we wouldn't move around. After we barely got those done the doctor came back in and said Kate has really bad bronchitis and has to have breathing treatments for 2 weeks and she is on 5 medicines. The breathing treatments haven't been going very well. She really hates it. I just hope she starts getting better. Lesson learned on my part, always take your child to the doctor if they are sick.

this is kate getting doing her breathing treatments and for the first 30 seconds she does okay and then it takes both phil and I to hold her down to finish it.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

call me crazy

I have finally found my niche in life, cooking. I am not a good decorator. I am horrible with fashion. I am not creative at all. Couldn't scrapbook to save my life, but I have really fallen in love with cooking and am actually pretty decent. For me, it is the one thing in life I can control. I can't control the situation I am in with life. I can't control my really out of control child but I can control food. I find cooking very relaxing and I really enjoy doing it. I haven't found that love yet with baking but I am getting there. And I just have to announce my love for It is truly the best cooking website I have found. I go to that site at least 5 times a day. I use it everyday to plan my meals. She matches my cooking style perfectly. So the other night I thought why not go for the grand daddy of them all, homemade chicken noodle soup with homemade rolls even with homemade chicken broth and noodles. And oh man, it was exhausting and sucked the fun right out of cooking for me. I first had to cut up a whole chicken. It was disgusting and gross and something I never want to do again. After I had tackled that beast, I had to make the noodles. They turned out alright. They were a little thick and dense but the flavor was good. The rolls were my 4th attempt at homemade rolls and my worst too. I was so disappointed because my 3 others times were awesome and these ones came out all hard. So after, 4 hours straight in the kitchen the meal turned out pretty good. I think I'll leave the chicken noodle soup to my grandma. And I apologize if a lot of my future posts are about cooking. I can't help it. I have become addicted.