Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Miss Independent

If you thought of the Kelly Clarkson song "miss indepedent" when you read the title of this post you are exactly right. That song is the most perfect way I could describe Kate. I don't know what has happened this past few weeks but she has turned into Miss independent. The song goes like this: "Miss independent, miss self-sufficient, miss keep your distance, miss unafraid, miss out of my way, miss don't let a man interfere." Okay she's not the last part but still. She has to do EVERYTHING herself or else she throws a huge tantrum. She has to drink out of a big girl cup or she won't drink at all. She has to feed herself or she won't eat at all. She knows what she wants and has to have it but can't communicate it so she just whines. She is trying my patience! I'm sure this is totally normal and any other mother who has a kid this stage is just laughing at this post but I just want it to be over. She turned 18 months on Friday and I really can't believe it. Which means she went into the nursery for the first time Sunday! She did really well. I heard her crying twice so I went in and checked on her. But I am very proud of myself because I never got her. We went to her 18 month check up yesterday. She weighs 27 pounds 6 ounces which is the 90%. She is 35 inches tall which is the 97%. That is the first comment I ever get on her these is day is how tall she is. I really am loving this age though and am excited for when she can really start talking. This is the most recent picture I have of her. We had family pictures taken in Salt Lake for christmas (more on that later) They turned out really cute.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Truly blessed

I have been so bad and blogging and I apologize. I have had many things to blog about but my lazy side wins the battle every time I remember to do it. So my goal for this week is to blog everyday (ha we'll see) but it's good goal to have.
Anyway, we could not be happier to see 2009 go. It was a very difficult year for our family. Phil lost his job and luckily found another in a matter of weeks thanks to great friends but the job left him working in Kingman, AZ monday-friday. Phil and I have spent almost every week apart since May. It has been very lonely and awful for the both of us. I wish to never see another 2009 again. So we have been thrilled to have 2010 start off great! We have been thinking for a while to go to law school. We finally decided to apply and the 2nd day in January we found out Phil got accepted into the first school we have heard back from! The University of Maine! (so far away, I know) but we are so excited and it is a true blessing. For a while I was thinking we were being forgotten about, but it is good to be reminded that the Lord is always watching over us and has a plan even if it's the plan I don't want. We look forward to hearing back from other schools and to see where life will be taking us this year. The most exciting part of it for me is to see the light at the end of the tunnel when Phil and I can be back together again. 2010 is already looking up and am excited to see where else we get accepted to so we can make our decision!

I know it's dorky but I really wanted to take pictures opening his first letter.