Wednesday, October 20, 2010

This is why I coupon

Anyone who knows me probably knows of my love of couponing. It is a fun hobby for me. It isn't even about saving the money (which is an awesome part too since we don't have any being in law school and still having our house in Vegas) but it also gives me something to do and it is so exciting walking into a store and seeing what awesome deals I can get. But when I tell most people that I coupon, they usually just laugh at me. Well I got everything in the picture below for .94 (I only had to pay tax) So who should be the one laughing? I also threw in a picture of Kate because she is just great and was so excited to help take the pictures. Oh and totally ignore the messy table in the background. It's my catch all in the house (we all to have one of those right? I'll just keep telling myself that)