Wednesday, June 16, 2010

got rain?

Kansas has definitely welcomed us with A LOT of rain. Right now we are having probably the worst storm yet and our yard is flooding. Some people in our ward that lived on our street just moved and gave Kate this awesome little tikes slide. She loves it. It entertains her for hours. Well here is stuck in our yard.
We have this window seat in our house and it must be the cool hangout spot because Kate loves to sit up there and read books. She isn't afraid of the lighting or thunder at all going off every minute right outside the window. I love my tough little girl.


  1. Those thunderstorms are my favorite thing about the midwest, they are rad. Also the bbq is good too. Kate is getting huge!

  2. I dont know if you remember me... but I was roommates with Angela my very first year of college... anyway, I am originally from Kansas and I love it there. The storms are what I miss most. Lawrence is a great place! Good luck with law school! have fun with the weather!

  3. Isn't the rain here amazing? I'm always impressed with how much water a Kansas thunderstorm can dump.