Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tozzle, Lawrence and Kate

One of Kate's best talents is to use the Iphone. (what does this say about my parenting skills?) Phil has a number of apps to get her through various outings, one of which is Tozzle. Basically it is a puzzle game geared towards toddlers. The other day we were sitting in bed and Kate was playing the game and all of the sudden this clapping sound came on, SHE BEAT THE GAME BY HERSELF! She knows how to move from app to app, go and start movies, play different games such as Frogger although she can never make it across the logs, she surprisingly usually makes it through traffic. She is too smart for her own good.

As for Lawrence, we are loving it. The humidity does wonders with my hair, but it is fun to be in a college town. Lawrence is all about the Jayhawks, there are even little Jayhawk statues all over town. Kate already loves the mascot, whenever we go to a place where the mascot is on a flag or there is a physical Jayhawk, Kate stops, points and says "OH, WOW!." I am so excited to live the college life we never got to experience together. Phil is loving law school. For the summer he only has class from 9-12, although his books are huge and he in constantly reading, we are getting to spend more time together. By a miracle, we found a place to live. It's a cute 2 bedroom duplex. I will post pictures when it's actually clean. Life is good and we feel so blessed!


  1. I can't believe how big Kate is getting!

  2. Fact: I was born in Kansas...not Lawrence, but not too far--Overland Park. You will be hating your life in a month when it's 100 degrees with 95% humidity! make sure you make a stop by Worlds of Fun, I lived for that place when i was little, hahahaha. Also, go get Jack Stack's bbq in Kansas City, I think its the best in the world! No joke, its to die for!

  3. I'm so glad you guys are loving your new place! We are just getting settled in to our new place too and San Antonio is really fun, but very hot and humid. We're probably in the same boat right now with the unpacking and cleaning stuff. It seems like it will never be done, but it feels good to go through everything and get clean and organized.

    That's so cute that Kate is so technologically savvy. We really need to get some apps for Boston! I bet that helps a ton! I'm going to tell Scott tonight to do that.

    Tell Phil we said hi and we are so happy fpr you guys! Congrats!

  4. glad to hear you guys are doing well--hope school stays fun and you enjoy where you are at. we miss you guys!